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Dear Colleagues and friends,


I am excited to announce a return to KAMPANY events. Although we are starting our activities somewhat late and timid due to lingering Covid risks, we are hoping to see your continued support and love.

I wanted to take some time to reflect on the last few years. We are already facing the Summer of 2022. We have lived through probably one of the most difficult times of our lives. And, we made it. We not only survived but also learned so much about each other and about ourselves. Through shared tragedies and shared perseverance, our colleagues and friends have become a reliable, resilient community.


As the leader of KAMPANY during these hard times, Dr. Hyunji Lee led us out. I am proud to now assume her role and accept my position as President of KAMPANY. As she mentioned in her gracious introduction of my new tenure, many Korean American Medical organizations in NY and NJ came together when our communities needed our help. It took a herculean effort: from gathering resources to testing sick patients during such a fearful, uncertain time. Yet we managed it. More impressively, when the fear subsided, we found the strength to return to our normal lives. Still, our community remains. Our work was appreciated and recognized by numerous organizations, but more importantly, by our patients and each other. 


Between flourishing practices and exciting new jobs; whether in academic centers or in community settings; seeing lots of Korean patients or none, we all share a lot in common. We speak the same language: the language of science and medicine. We share the same faces: the faces of people who care for others. The Korean American Medical Physicians Association of New York strengthens these bonds that connect us all. Since completion of my training in 2004, I have witnessed the steadfast work of my KAMPANY “Sun Baes” to advocate for fellow Korean American physicians, promote health in our communities, and foster the ties between us. To me, KAMPANY’s work amplifies what makes me a Korean-American doctor. It brings back the excitement and thrill of operating on my first Korean-American patient.

I am very grateful for this opportunity to work with you all for the next two years. I would like our time together to be one where we reignite passion and excitement for what we do everyday and who we are everyday: Korean American Physicians in New York. 


I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events.

Sincerely Yours, 


Sanghyun Alexander Kim, M.D.


KAMPANY 2022, 2023


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