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KAMPANY is passionate about giving back to the community in which we all practice, and the KAMPANY Scholarship Program seeks to support the promising young minds of the local community, and beyond.  For over a decade as of this writing (4/2017), KAMPANY has sponsored up to $25,000 in scholarships every year through a competitive selection process.  We seek to identify and foster future academics, innovators, leaders, as well as future physicians, who demonstrate the ability and desire to give back to the future of the community.



($20,000 in total scholarship)

Esder Chong
Rutgers University


Hae Soo Kim
Fairfield College


Samuel Kim
University of Pennsylvania - School of Dentistry

Daniel Cho

High School Student

Yae Eun Chong

Rutgers University - PHD Program: Pharmacy 

Joshua Choi

Williams College

Daniel Cho

Brown University School of Medicine

Mona Park

St. Peter University


($25,000 in total scholarship)

Jun Seo Lee
Cornell University


Grace Park
Queens College


Hyun-Min Lee
SUNY - Purchase


Elena Jeong
SUNY - Stony Brook


Samuel Oh
Harvard University


Jung-Hyun Park
NYU School of Social Work


Eun Song Choi
Queensborough Community College


Joseph Kim
SUNY - Downstate


Ji Min Son
St. John's University


Sung Hyun Lim
UCLA School of Medicine


Kevin Beck
Boston University School of Law


($20,000 in total scholarship)


Jun Seo Lee
Cornell University


Ye Eun Park

Brooklyn College


Christopher Ro

St. Johns University


Il Han Ryu

Culinary Institute of America


Joon Ho Seo

Rutgers University


Hyeon Ju Song

Carnegie Mellon University


Yosung Song

Syracuse University


Ji Hae Woo

Montclair University



($20,000 in total scholarship)


Hannah Chang
Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, Physicians Assistant Program at Harlem Hospital Center


Choa Hwang

Nyack College Seminary


Christine Im

New York University


Taehoon Im

John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University


Changkun Kim

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy


Hannah Lee

Georgia State University


Isaiah Lee

Syracuse University


Unikora Yang

Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown University




($20,000 in total scholarship)


Haeun Cho

Columbia University


Echelle Cho

Cornell University


Kyochil Chu

City College


Ye One Chung

Bergen Community College


Chaewon Kevin Kong

Harvard University


April Myung

University of Pittsburgh


Charles Oh

Fordham University


Sunghae Michelle Shin

New York University





($27,500 in total scholarship)


Nahrie Chung

Princeton University


Ashley Han

Hunter College, Nursing


Eun Young Jung

Syracuse University


Jin-Ki Chris Kang

UC Irvine


Johanna Meehyun Lee

Harvard University


Paul Lee

Brandeis University


Donguk Nam

SUNY Downstate College of Medicine


Brian Park

Polytehnic Institute of New York


Ga Young Moon

SUNY Downstate College of Medicine


Christine Whang

Tufts University


Lani Yim

New York University





($20,000 in total scholarship)


Jung Han Kim

Theater Director


Yo-El Kim

University of Rochester


Jiye Son

Stony Brook University


Peter Min

Alliance Theological Seminary


Teresa Lee

St. John’s Pharmacy Program


Jiin Park

New York University


Paul Han

Yale University


Eunhae Song

Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing





John Park

Univeristy of Massachusetts


Debohah Lee

Stony Brook University


Heather Oh

Brooklyn Law School


Min Hwang

Harvard University


Kwang Kim

Northwestern University


Hayoung Park

Lehman College/Nursing


James Lee

St John’s University


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