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Established in 1988, the Korean-American Medical Practitioners Association of New York (KAMPANY) was founded to centralize and support the Korean-American physician community of New York.  Originally founded by first-generation Korean physicians in private practice in the New York area, the current membership is composed primarily of 1.5 and 2nd-generation Korean-American physicians.


In 2013, KAMPANY formally revised its name to the Korean-American Physicians Association of New York in order to embrace physicians who are primarily hospital-based, in addition to physicians in private practice.


President's Address


“Esteemed colleagues, 


It is my honor and pleasure to be able to serve as the 29th president of KAMPANY, the Korean-American Physicians Association of New York. Since its inception in 1988, KAMPANY has experienced tremendous growth both in memberships and community outreach.”

- Dr. Hyun Ji Lee

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